CocoICHIBANYA ••• Japanese comfort food at it’s finest!

Ah yes, Coco Curry. The very first time I had a bite of this was in Tokyo, Japan back in 2015. Who could resist warm curry on a breezy Spring day? And to tell you the truth, during my 3 weeks there, numerous visits were upheld. You just cannot miss the infamous yellow sign glowing from a distance.

I always knew there was a Coco’s in Singapore, but I was worried that the standards would not match the meals I had in Japan. However, after much longing for that addictive, comforting curry, I decided to give it a go!

The nearest outlet from my place was the one at 313@Somerset. Located at the food area at basement level 4, it was very easy to find. I went at around 5:30pm on a Tuesday evening. It was quite surprising to see the restaurant fairly empty, with only a few tables occupied at the time I arrived. I was greeted by 2 waitresses at the entrance, and was promptly seated at a cosy table, just for me!

Now the rule to order Coco Curry is, to first choose an item from the extensive menu. This will act as a base, before you can pile on toppings. BUT, if you want to go all DIY from the start, you can choose the Plain curry+Topping option, which starts at $8.90.I chose the Salmon Cream Croquette Curry, the one I always ate in Tokyo! Please note, there are vegetarian options as well, and I did ask if the stock was made of vegetables, and it was!

Step 2 involves the amount of rice. The standard serving is 230g, but hungry solo souls are able to add more! Since I was watching my weight, I chose the 150g option and got $1 discount from that.

Next would be the spiciness level. I feel like this needs to be chosen carefully, since this will largely depend if your curry is enjoyable or not! Since I did like spice, but was unfamiliar how spicy it was since the number of spice levels were different from the one in Japan, I picked level 2.<<Hot>>

Lastly, if you would like to add more sauce, that option is available here. Since I had less rice, I did not level up the sauce amount as the ratio was already imbalanced as it is. From experience though, the standard amount of sauce is already quite filling.

Ofcourse, the addition of cheese is a must! Here is the list you can choose from.

The moment of glory. The smell was really nostalgic! To go with my meal, I had iced greentea. There wasn’t a trace of added sugar in it, just to my liking. It was much needed in this case because spice level 2 is no joke. The first bite exploded with flavour and I would be lying if I said I wasn’t sniffling through the meal. To further cool down the spice, the free-flow crunchy pickles provided on the table hit the spot! The  croquettes were creamy with good chunks of salmon stuffed in. Although I would have to say that the ones in Japan were more creamier. I wasn’t entirely impressed by the amount of cheese that was added, since there was barely any there. Regardless, the meal was better than average and really, it is such a comfort food.


Verdict: Would I go again? Most likely. However, not often. The meal itself was satisfying, but I felt it was a little underwhelming due to comparing it with its Japan’s counterpart. It is abit pricier, but the authenticity of the sauce will make it worth it. Service in itself was good as I was served rather quickly. This place is very solo-friendly if you want to dine in alone.

Ordering/Payment method: Order at the table, payment at the counter.


This one was at 313@Somerset. Located at Basement Level 4.

For opening hours and google maps directions, check out their website here.

Until next time,

~( ^..^)tsC


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